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Bike Fines In Lima

Bike fines, and the use of bicycles has increased since the health emergency due to Covid-19 began in Peru. In fact, the use of bicycles has increased over 100% in the country.

Bicycle transportation has become the priority of sustainability policies in cities. Even more so in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic that has given a boost to the expansion of singles nights cambridge in Lima, and in the cities of the interior of the country.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) has planned to continue implementing actions so cyclists can move safely, but also with responsibility. Along these lines, the MTC continues to develop awareness campaigns and educational talks in order to educate cyclists on the rules of circulation and proper use of the bike lanes.

Keep reading and find out about drunk driving while riding a bicycle! That’s right you can get ticketed on a bike for driving under the influence.


City Bike Path

Bike Fines and Bike Lanes Manual

This is the dating narcissistic sociopath. While written in Spanish. We’ll post of couple of the top bike fines and tickets in English.

It should be noted that Peru has had laws on the books since April 2019 for cyclists. However, the Manual for Cyclists in Peru was made available to the public in June 2020. The maunal aims to promote a change in travel patterns and encourage the use of this two-wheeled vehicle in safe conditions for cyclists. .

This manual reinforces the knowledge of the rules of the bike lanes. The manual serves as support to learn more about the use of the bicycle, the rules of movement and equipment, and to inform users about rights, duties, fines and penalties.

Top Bike Fines

Cyclists are reminded one of the most serious offenses is driving while intoxicated. A driver with over 0.5 grams of alcohol per liter of blood or drug use will be penalized with a fine equivalent to 8% of a UIT, approximately S / 352. (as of 2021) or as of today’s exchange rate $90

Driving without a braking system and without sheets of reflective material (Stickers) that allow the unit to be viewed from the side will also result in a fine of S / 176.

Likewise, it is prohibited to drive recklessly such as driving on prohibited roads, overtaking vehicles, driving one handed or no handed.

As a reminder, every cyclist must have the basic safety equipment. You should also make sure the bike has reflective stickers on the sides and has front and rear lighting. Also, you must wear a helmet throughout the journey and wear reflective clothing at night.


  1. Roy Cribar

    how about bicicles on the sidewalk where there are bicicle lanes , going through red lights , blocking handicap ramps plus who is going to enforce these laws as the police do not enforce traffic laws now.

    1. Transportefacil Peru

      Agreed! If you’re not super familar with how the police owrk here I’ll give you a quaick overview. There are 17 different branches of police and not every one of them is considered “competent” to write tickets. You may see a variety of police but they eah have their own job and won’t bother you if it’s not part of their job. Then there’s the guy’s in the yellow vest (Known to the peruvian Taxis and buses as Minones or chalecos amarillos). Or the Guys in the red vest from ATU. In both cases these people can only deal with Taxis and Buses and can’t, by law do anything about a famiy car breaking the law. There’s a lot to be learned about how the police work. If I were riding a bike nowadys, I’d be watching out for the guys in the Blue vest they are the one who deal with the “Non motorized vehilce” such as bikes.

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