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10 Day Itinerary - Unbeatable Ecuadorian Tours

Enough with the “What To Do In Ecuador” questions. We’re taking you to a new level and providing an unbeatable detailed 10 day tour. This tour includes some of the most beautiful and relevant tourist sites in the country, in addition to the Enchanted Islands.

This 10 day tour is where the unimaginable becomes your reality.


– In the historic center of Quito, visit the best-preserved Baroque churches in America.
– Explore the wetlands of Isabela Island, considered a RAMSAR site.
– Swim alongside sea lions and penguins in the Galápagos Islands.
– Learn about the work carried out by the Charles Darwin Station in its efforts to conserve species.
– Spend two nights on Isabela Island, considered the most beautiful and diverse in the Galápagos.
– Excursion to the Middle of the World.

2 For 1 Ecuadorian Vacation

Your 10 day Ecuadorian Tour starts with a 2 for 1!

How’s that you may ask, well Quito is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Isabela Island (La Isla Isabela) is a RAMSAR Site.

A Quick Overveiw Between RASMAR And UNESCO Sites

Ramsar Sites and UNESCO World Heritage Sites are both designations aimed at recognizing and protecting important natural and cultural areas, but their focus and criteria are different.


  • Focus: Ramsar Sites primarily focus on the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands. These can include a variety of wetland types such as marshes, lakes, rivers, and coastal areas.
  • Criteria: The Ramsar Convention emphasizes the ecological importance of wetlands, particularly their role in maintaining biodiversity, providing water resources, and supporting various ecosystems.
  • Management: Designation as a Ramsar Site entails a commitment to maintaining the ecological character of the wetland and promoting the sustainable use of its resources.


  • Focus: UNESCO World Heritage Sites can encompass a broader range of areas, including natural landscapes, cultural sites, or a combination of both. These sites are recognized for their outstanding universal value.
  • Criteria: UNESCO Sites are selected based on cultural, natural, or mixed criteria. Cultural criteria may include historical significance, architectural value, or cultural landscapes, while natural criteria focus on exceptional biodiversity, geological features, or ecological processes.
  • Management: World Heritage Sites are expected to be conserved for future generations, and their protection involves both local and international efforts. The focus is not only on conservation but also on raising awareness and promoting sustainable development.

Day 1 Of Your Ecuadorian Vacation Starts Here!

Today you arrive, and clearly need to adjust to being in Quito a UNSECO World Heritage Site. That’s right you’ve landed in one of the worlds most precious cities.

That said you’ve got a lot to do and most likely pretty exhausted from a long flight.

Take your time and get a good nights sleep, you’ll need it with what is in store for you over the next few days.

Day 2 And Your Ecuadorian Adventure Begins

Your city tour starts with the old town, considered the first cultural heritage of humanity. We will visit some museums, palaces, and colonial churches from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, including the Basilica, the Sagrario, and the Church of La Compañía de Jesús. Afterward, you’ll visit the Middle of the World, the museum where you can stand on the Equator line and observe interesting experiments like the Coriolis effect on water.

Enjoy a few hours of nightlife, just be aware, tomorrow your tour takes off in a big way.

Today you’re off to the Quito airport to catch the flight to the Baltra Island. Upon arrival, your guide will take you to the ferry crossing to the Santa Cruz Island. You’ll visit the giant tortoise ranch and the twin craters. And that afternoon, you’ll visit the Charles Darwin Scientific Station.

You’ll be spending the night in on the Sourthen most tip of the Santa Cruz Island at Puerto Ayora.

Day 4

This morning you’ll take the ferry to Isabela Island. Once there your guide will take you to your hotel, setting up a time in the afternoon to visit the flamingo lagoon. As the day progresses you’ll explore the highlands of the island, including the Sucre Caves and Campo Duro. Here, you can observe turtles in their natural state, the volcanic ecosystem, and stalactites and stalagmites.

This evening you’ll spend the night in Puerto Villamil on the Southeastern side of the Isabela Island

Day 5 - Southern Wetlands of Isabela

This morning starts off with a bang! You’ll visit the Southern Wetlands of Isabela, which are the habitat of 170 native and endemic species of Galápagos. You’ll walk along the trail to Mirador Orchilla and the famous freshwater lagoons, ending the journey on one of the beaches of this beautiful island.

Quick break for lunch.

Then heading off to Concha de Perla for snorkeling. This site is renowned for its impressive marine life, including sea lions and penguins.

Day 6 And Still Going!

Board the yacht and sail from PUERTO VILLAMIL to PUERTO AYORA on SANTA CRUZ Island. In the morning, you can visit the Grietas, a beautiful volcanic formation where you can swim and snorkel. In the afternoon, visit Tortuga Bay with an approximate 2-hour walk, observing the finches and iguanas that inhabit that trail.

Spending the evening in Puerto Ayora Once again.

Day 7 Back To Quito

This morning, you will be transferred to the airport for your return flight to Quito. Upon arrival, your guide will welcome you and take you to visit the Papallacta hot springs. In the afternoon, return to Quito.

Spending the night in Quito

Day 8

Cotopaxi Volcano

A visit to the famous Otavalo, the largest market in Ecuador starts the day. You’ll visit a workshop for alpaca wool craftsmanship, a beautiful sacred waterfall, and also have some time for shopping.

Spending the night in Quito once again.

Day 9

Visit to Cotopaxi National Park where we will walk around a small lagoon, observing the landscapes and the majestic 19,500 feet high volcano. In the afternoon, we will return to Quito to rest.

Day 10

Visit to the volcanic crater transformed into a lagoon with beautiful green and turquoise colors, a walk to the base of the crater where the lagoon is located, and a visit to the small community with many craft shops. from there, we move on to Baños to sleep.

Wrapping Up Your Tour

We will leave Baños towards the rainy forest, visit the Hola Vida waterfall to explore the beautiful forest, and the Indichuris viewpoint with the best panoramic view of the Amazon region. In the afternoon, we will return to Baños for the evening

Before Departing Baños in the morning you’ll explore the beautiful city of Baños. Visiting the Treehouse with the swing at the End of the World. Then we will go to the route of the waterfalls where we will visit Agoyan, take a cable car to Manto de la Novia, and walk to the highest one called El Pailón del Diablo. In the afternoon, we will return to the city of Quito.

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