Bringing Your Pets Matters

Bringing Your Pets Matter


Bringing your pets matters, without question. They are part of your family and in many cases are like your children. Problem is getting your best friends in and out of Peru without hassles. Fortunately for you, we’ve decoded the system.

Unfortunately I write this blog post with a heavy heart. My wife and I were forced to put our beloved 13 year old Yorkie to sleep this last week. After and urgent surgery that she survived, our dog suffered a major hear attack and was suffering tremendously.

For this article only dogs and cats are considered domestic pets. In the case of other animal species such as Birds, Rodents, Primates, reptiles, etc. . . They must have the Sanitary Import Permit – PSI and the Quarantine Enclosure Authorization issued by SENASA. This must be obtained before shipment. You’ll also need a Health Certificate issued by the Official Authority of the country of origin, complying with the requirements attached to the PSI. Check here the requirements or for more information contact 3133300 annex 1901

We’re first going to touch on entry to Peru and later how to get your fury friend out of Peru.

Current Vaccines And Health Certificates

When we brought our dog with us from the USA all of the Certificates required, needed to be done by an Approved/Certified USDA Veterinarian. 

Deworming (internal and external) done within 15 days prior to the trip.

Certificate of Health.

Step 1. Getting Your Pet Vaccinated

Have your pet vaccinated for the following.

Dogs: Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Rabies, and as of very recent Coronaviris and the Flu (when applicable). Unfortunately, there’s no information available to tell you when the last two apply. Seems it’s top secret information. 

Cats: Feline panleukopenia, Rabies and Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus (when applicable).

The Rabies vaccine is mandatory for pets over 3 months old.

Step 2. Report To SENASA Upon Arrival

Upon arrival in Peru, the owner / manager of the pet must contact the SENASA staff, who will review the health certificate and carry out the inspection of the pet.

Step 3. Make The Required Payment

You need to make a S/99.00 (soles) payment upon arrival.

If All Goes Well

If everything is in accordance with the pet, your loved one can enter Peru. Otherwise, the SENASA inspector will determine the sanitary measure.

Confusion With The SENASA Website

Strange as it may seem there’s some missing information on my mobile version of the SENASA website. On my laptop and Computer I can clearly see there is a requirement for a Covid Vaccine (When Applicable). However on my mobile phone that requirement doesn’t appear.

Here’s the SENASA Website

Frequent Flyer's Need To Know

Keep in mind if you’ve recently taken your pet out of Peru the Sanitary Export Certificate (CSE) granted by SENASA is valid for 30 calendar days.

If you return within 30 days, you’ll only have to present a copy of the CSE and the vaccination certificate that you present to SENASA to request your CSE, and make the corresponding payments.

If your stay abroad exceeds 30 days, then you must process the export health certificate with the Official Authority of the country of origin.

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