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Rules For Your Motorized Bike

Did you know that mopeds and motorcycles must have SOAT and a license plate?

In a Press release from the MTC they warn the public not to be surprised by this type of vehicle and pointing out false information regarding their use and circulation.

Your Motorized Bike Needs SOAT

People should be aware of those who offer mopeds and electric motorcycles. Many say Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT) and license plates are not required to circulate throughout the country.

To the contrary, any motorized bike is required to have SOAT, so in the event of a traffic accident, it will provide immediate and unconditional coverage to the victims. Driving without SOAT constitutes a very serious offense and the fine (M28) is S/504.

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC) is the governing body of transportation in Peru. Their Press Release dated 5/6/2019 specified, mopeds and motorcycles, like any motorized vehicle, must adhere to the transit laws

These vehicles are classified as Category L1 (maximum speed of 50 km) and L3 (speed greater than 50 km), under the National Vehicle Regulations. So they must be registered with the National Superintendent of Registries. In addition they must have the unique license plate.

Drivers of these vehicles must have a Class B driver’s license, which is processed in the provincial municipalities.

Ride In The Road Not The Bike Lanes Or Sidwalk

Mopeds and motorcycles must circulate on public land roads, and not on bike lanes or sidewalks.

It should be noted that the circulation of artisanal mopeds is not allowed, that is, those that are assembled in unauthorized places.

The MTC reiterates its commitment to ensure road safety and the well-being of citizens who move on the roads. For this reason, its purpose is that the circulation of vehicles is subject to respect for traffic regulations and preserves the life and integrity of people.

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