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The Cusco Airport has a very, strict policy on drop-offs and pickups. At this point absolutely no one is allowed on the actual airport property to pick up or drop off passengers.

Upon your arrival, you’ll need to exit the property and look for your driver near the pedestrian exit. Your driver will have a sign with your name on it. If you don’t see the driver right away please wait a little while. The police don’t allow anyone to wait for long periods of time in front of the airport.Yyour driver may have just driven around the block and will be right back.

If you’re heading to the airport, we’re obligated to drop you at the entrance. This is NOT our choice nor how we do business, this is the government of Cusco setting the standards, to which we must comply.


Arrival Times: Please use the actual scheduled arrival time. We base all of our transfers on that time.

Contact Information: phone number must have from 5-15 numbers and no spaces or symbols and should appear like this 123456789 or your card will be rejected.

Pets: Pets must be crated and the corresponding service must be purchased or the transfer will be forefeit.

Card Purchases: The maximum number of uses/attempts per card or email address is 3 per day.

Gratuity: This is “optional” and “editable” using a fixed number or by adding the % symbol after the number.

Dispatched Vehicle: Once a vehicle has been dispatched, there will be a charge due. If you need to cancel, you need to do so according to our terms and conditions policy.

If you feel you’ll need additional time to clear Immigration and Customs please use our “Extra Time” feature.

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Unfortunately the Peruvian Government has imposed a strict passenger limit of 75% based on vehicle passenger capacity. Our Sedan’s Can carry 3 passengers, and our vans are now limited to 6 persons with luggage.  All that said the availability, forms of payment and facial covering’s you’ll find on our pages is for everyone’s best interest and in many cases required by decree.  

Face Mask’s and Face Shields Are Now Required For Travel Within Peru

Your safety is our top priority so please take note, when traveling in Peru Face Mask’s and Face Shield’s are now REQUIRED on any Public Transportation. This includes airplanes, boats and buses. This is beyond our control, and we understand this is an added expense no one wants, however it’s much more expensive to end up hospitalized or worse due to a virus.

A simple face mask is all that’s required for taxi’s due to the partition separating the driver’s from the passenger’s, however in our van’s we carry more people and more people means more potential to exposure. Our clients should consider using a face shield as well as a mask.