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Safety, Reliability And Punctuality Matter, And Gringo Taxis Stands Alone

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Before booking your Taxi

Ask yourself these questions;

What size vehicle do I need?

What am I looking to get for my money?

How good or bad is the Taxi’s Safety Record?

Will I be covered in an acceident?

Is the driver licensed to drive a Taxi?

Is saving a few dollars worth losing my passport or luggage?

Remember you’re trusting your life in someone new, in a foreign country with unfamiliar laws.

Fortunately, Gringo Taxis prioritizes your safety. We strictly adhere to Peru’s airport taxi laws, ensuring licensed drivers, correct insurance, and a stellar safety record.

Our vehicles are set up with you in mind, this means no huge tank in the trunk taking up the space you’re paying for, unlike the $18 taxis on other sites.

Consider this before booking online

  • Just having a website doesn’t guarantee legal operation.
  • English-speaking drivers don’t always mean licensed taxi drivers.

Hiring a Gringo Taxi ensures a safe, reliable, punctual, and fully legal airport taxi.


Arrival Times: Please use the actual scheduled arrival time. The actual arrival time is on your ticket, so no need to guess at what time you’re arriving. We base all of our transfers on that time. Using a different time may be cause to forfeit the Transfer.

Contact Information: Is a must so we can communicate upon your arrival. The airports provide short term free WIFI and everyone in South America uses the Messaging App WhatsApp.

Gratuity: This is “optional” and “editable” using a fixed number or by adding the % symbol after the number.

Dispatched Vehicle: Once a vehicle has been dispatched, there will be a charge due. If you need to cancel, you need to do so according to our terms and conditions policy.

Pets: Pets must be crated and the corresponding service must be purchased or the transfer will be forfeit.

If you feel you’ll need additional time to clear Immigration, Customs or Duty Free Shopping please use our “Extra Time” feature.

If you find yourself having a difficult time following the booking process, please refer to this How To Book A Gringo Taxi Help Page. 

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