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Gringo Taxis is adding buses with seating for 15, 18 and up to our list of approved drivers! This is exciting news for us. We’ll have 15 passenger buses in Cusco as well.

This is the Gringo Taxi’s Lima arrivals page, if you’ve navigated here somehow and want our Lima Departure’s Page click here. We hope you get to see everything on your bucket list. If not, maybe more to add to your bucket list ideas and created a great Peruvian connection.


The Peruvian Government has imposed a strict passenger limit of 50% based on vehicle capacity. Our SUV’s for the time being are limited to 2 passengers with luggage and 3 without. Our Sedan’s are now limited to 2 period, and vans are now limited to 5 persons with luggage without. In all cases no one is allowed to ride in the front seat next to the driver.


In order to limit exposure to the virus. Peru now requires all Taxi’s to create a “no touch” payment system.  In response, we’ve created an online payment center. We can still accept cash, Yape or a card at the time of service (link sent to email, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger). However we encourage you to use our online payment center if possible.


Phone numbers must be more than 5 and less than 15 numbers and without and symbols. The number must appear like this 123456789

Getting It Right The First Time

Please provide the needed information to pick you or your family and friend’s up on time and from the right Lima Arrivals hall.

If you’re are a business and need an invoice. Please enter your Business name and Tax ID number (RUC in Peru).

After leaving the Lima airport parking lot in one of our airport express taxis, you’ll soon realize, your money was well spent.

Face Mask’s and Face Shields Are Now Required For Travel Within Peru

Your safety is our top priority. Please take note, when traveling in Peru, Face Mask’s and Face Shield’s are now REQUIRED on any Public Transportation. This includes airplanes, boats and buses. If you’re ordering a van and don’t already have a face mask AND a face shield, consider adding them to your purchase. Whether you agree with face coverings or not, these are the Peruvian Governments requirements. We understand this is an added expense, however it’s much more expensive to be hospitalized or worse due to a virus. Remember Peru is an “underdeveloped country” and the health system by many people’s standards is shockingly low.

A simple face mask is all that’s required for Taxis.

In the event you have not already purchased your required travel accessories. Or have lost or soiled your face mask or broken your face shield. These items are now available for purchase through our website as an “extra” as well as a few other items.

Additionally, if you are going to need additional time for duty free shopping, please add the anticipated “extra time” you’ll need. Or alternatively you can provide a tip to the driver using the “extra time”.  Or check out or “Extras” section and save time and money purchasing your items though us. Our driver will have your item(s) waiting when you arrive.

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