Enhancing Airport Security – Lima Airport

Enhancing Airport Security

The Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima Peru is implementing advanced migration control technology to enhance passenger safety and streamline travel processes.

This initiative aims to optimize biometric identification through electronic gates and digital kiosks.


Key Features - Implementation Plan

1: The National Superintendence of Migrations is acquiring 18 e-gates and 20 facial recognition kiosks.
The project is funded by a special permit from the Ministry of Economy and Finance which aims to modernize migration processes.

2. Biometric Identification:
Advanced facial recognition systems will compare traveler information with stored data in electronic documents.
This process ensures efficient and accurate identification, enhancing airport security.

3. International Standards:
 Supervised by the International Civil Aviation Organization, these measures align with global aviation security standards.
Improved interoperability with government entities enables swift review of passenger alerts, bolstering national security.

4. Passenger Eligibility:
Adult passengers with electronic travel documents containing biometric data can utilize the new technology.
Families with minors and passengers from visa-required countries will undergo traditional migration procedures.


 The implementation of advanced migration control technology at the Lima Peru, Jorge Chávez Airport signifies a significant step towards enhancing airport security and improving passenger experience.

These measures underscore the airport’s commitment to safety and efficiency in international travel.

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