3 Tips Trustworthy Safe Lima Taxi (2023)

How To Find A Trustworthy Safe Taxi In Peru

Distinguishing a trustworthy safe taxi from all the rest can be a daunting task. You’re sitting at home or the office and looking up your various options online.

Below I’m going to give you some food for thought on how to pick the right Airport Taxi for you. One that fits your needs and expectations, and not one that just meets the bare minimum standards.

As travel buff you know first hand how risky taking just any taxi can be, Even if they say they’re safe.

Keep reading for 3 tips on how to pick a trustworthy taxi. . .

Gringo Taxi

Everyone, including you, searching for a trustworthy, safe taxi in Peru has their own ideas of what trustworthy is, or even means. One will say, safe. If so from what? Robbery, kidnapping, sexual assault? The next will say, punctuality. And still others will say reliability.

Doesn’t literally every single taxi company you’ve ever looked up say they’re safe? How does that make them more “trustworthy or safe than the next?

Do the drivers show up on time? Does the company have a history of punctuality? How about reliability? Do they have a history of being reliable? Or are you going to be subject to “La hora Peruana”.

Online International Taxi Companies

You found an international online taxi company offering Airport transfers and they sound great. They may even have a flashy website with offers of English Speaking Drivers. They say they’re safe, they even hint at being on time, but are they.

As an international traveler, you have no idea what the actual laws are regarding taxis in Peru. All you can go by is what’s posted online. Or you wait and arrive in Peru and figure you’ll grab one at the airport, only to find out, there’s hundreds of uncontrolled people standing at the exit all yelling taxi, taxi miss, taxi sir. You hear the word taxi and not knowing the laws, you grab the one that makes you feel the most comfortable. Does that make them trustworthy or safe. Grabbing a taxi based on your gut feeling doesn’t sound to me, like a good way to find a trustworthy taxi.

Transparency With Our Services

This where we come in. We’re a legal taxi business specializing in airport transfers. Our drivers are Legally licensed, properly insured and many (not all) speak English. We’re transparent with the details on legalities around taxis. We’re straight forward about drivers speaking English (many do). This is important because the sites advertising “English Speaking Drivers” are operating under the radar. We know because our main goal was and is to find as many LEGAL English speaking taxis as possible. Those drivers are rare, and we know first hand how rare. This is not to go to war with these other so called taxi companies. But rather to inform you, the public so you can make an “Educated Decision” rather than guessing and hoping you found a real legal taxi.

Trustworthy Airport Taxi

Tips To Find A Legal Trustworthy Airport Taxi In Lima

Peruvian Driver's License

The first tip I can give you is to ask questions and demand proof. After living here in Lima and running a legal Airport Taxi business for nearly 5 years here. I’ve learned a lot about how the Peruvian system works.

  • First question to ask would be, “are your drivers legally licensed taxi drivers? Of course they will say yes. And this is where your ability to trust the company comes in to play. Ask for a copy of the drivers license. If they refuse, it’s because they either don’t know the driver, don’t have his license information or don’t want you to know the answer. The question is why? A legal driver will have the word “Professional” written on the license as well as “A Dos”, or “A Tres”.  The “A Uno” written on the license is someone trying to scam you.
  • Second question would be to ask for the drivers insurance policy. All legal taxis are required to have “TAXI” insurance. If the insurance says “Particular”, they’re scamming you.
  • Third would be to ask for the drivers “credential”. This is a document required for a taxi to operate at the airport. Any decent and honest company will have this information on file and have no problem sharing it to help a client feel comfortable.

If you book with us, simply ask our driver to show you his documents listed above. If you book with anyone else DEMAND to see them. If they don’t have them, call us. If you’re still undecided and would like to ask questions from me directly please email me and I’ll be happy to provide the information.

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