Are Single Women Traveling In Peru Safe In 2022?

Single Women Traveling In Peru Safe-Should I Go Alone Or Not?

Single women traveling in Peru often ask “is it safe traveling in Peru as a single woman”. My answer is two fold. First you’re 1 of 4,000,000 plus tourist coming here every year. However in 2020 with the Coronavirus, we¬† expect that number will change drastically, not just for us but for Peru as a whole. And two, Peru is a large place with more than just Lima to see and hangout.

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After living here in Lima for nearly 5 years I can honestly say if you’re a single woman walking around Miraflores. You may get a few wolf whistles, or a few shrewd comments. And on rare occasions someone will work up enough nerve to try and touch you. And while the Government is working to force change, the change is slow.

Just How Bad Is Crime In Peru

Please take a second and re-read the heading here, “How bad is crime in Peru”. Fortunately Lima is not the entirety of Peru. Although crime versus traffic deaths is still a problem. The actual crimes are not specified. This should mean that not all crime is pointed towards the “single woman traveler”. You can also read our first hand account on what it’s like to travel to Peru as a single woman traveler from Spain during Covid-19.

When I see literally any woman (Peruvian or otherwise), I have no idea if she’s a “single woman traveler”. I, as do most people, see a woman who is indistinguishable as single or not. The point I’m making is that getting it in your head that you’re a single woman traveling alone should be scary, won’t help you enjoy your trip

Single Women Travelering In Peru Are Still Just Travelers

That is unless you get hung up on the facts that you’re single and traveling alone. Lima is a large City with nearly 11 million people in it. Just the size of Lima can be intimidating. Is there crime, of course there is, no different than any other large city.

That said, having light colored hair will draw attention. In their day to day lives most Peruvian men almost never see women with blond hair. You will stick out in a crowded area. That however doesn’t make you a target. Think about it, everyone is watching you, both the criminals and the every day guy who just wants to meet you. This makes you safer not more of a target.

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