Paracas Peru

Sea Lions Paracas National Reserve

Paracas Peru

Paracas Peru is worth the trip. There’s no better way to say it. Paracas is a King’s Paradise with so much to see and do in such a small area of Peru. With the hundreds of tourist we’ve transported there over the years everyone enjoyed themselves. However one of our clients did break his shoulder trying to do a flip sandboarding. HA! Not recommened to try doing flips, the landing is a bit harder than you might think in all that sand.

Where Exactly Is Paracas Peru

Paracas is located in the Province of Pisco and is about 260KM or 162 miles south of Lima, Peru’s capital city. Situated in the Ica region and on the west coast of Peru. The drive in one of our gringotaxis on a good day is about 4 hours one way. On a hot dry day an airconditioned car or Van will be appreciated, as the whole ride is through a desert.

Paracas In Detail

Population: Close to 7500

Elevation: 0-7ft (0-2 meters)

Size: According to Rebatta Parra Paracas in the Largest Province of Pisco.

Density: 5 Persons for every 5 square KM or for every 3.1 square miles. Needless to say Paracas is sparcely populated.

National Reserve: Spanning desert, ocean, islands and the Paracas Peninsula. Paracas is home to sea lions, pelicans and the Humboldt penguin. The town is also a launch point for the uninhabited Ballestas Islands.

Why Paracas?

Why Paracas, in short Lima is a concrete jungle, almost literally. Very little in the way of adventure can be found there. 

On the other hand Paracas has world class hotels, along with many activites close by not found in Lima. Such as the Nazca Lines, Sandboarding, Dune Buggies, Kitesurfing, Quad or Bicycle Rentals, Ballestas Islands (AKA the mini Galapagos) and the oasis Huacachina.

Paracas is a short 4 hour drive away and is a King’s Paradise for the adventure.

How To Get To Paracas?

Many people will opt for a popular bus which leaves when the bus company say’s. Then there’s how many passengers trying to get a window seat, and how many stops along the way?

Then there’s the local Buses that I can’t recommend. I’m a Professional driver and the things I see in the news every day are downright scary. From trucks drivers falling asleep and driving literally into the Nazca lines. To buses passing on the wrong side of the road, in blind corners or worse, rolling off the side of a cliff in the mountains. Recommending a bus here would make me look bad.  basically riding a bus here is asking for trouble no one needs or wants.

A GringoTaxi is ready when you are. Nearly everone gets a window seat, ample space for luggage and a proven track record for safety, reliability and punctuality. And for the family with small children, we have a carseat available for children from newborn to around 50 LBS (23 kilos). No bus is going to offer this kind of unprecidented safety for your child.

You could also try and have your hotel order you a taxi to Paracas. That said before you jump in that taxi read our post of how to avoid Lima hotel Taxi scams

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