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Discount Code For Lima Airport Taxi Transfers

A discount code from gringotaxis is a first! Until now we have not once, in 7 years given out a discount code. 

Over The Top Discount Code

Our discount code is not just one of a kind, but crazy too. Simply use the Code before checkout and save 18% on your next Lima Airport Taxi.

Never before has anyone been able to hire an official gringo taxi at such great rates, never, really

Already decided? Scroll on down to get the code. Not sure keep reading.

Discount Code Not Enough? Checkout Our Reviews

Gringotaxis has been a top airport taxi provider for nearly 7 years now. Started from ground zero in the expatriate community with 1 car and grown into 6 cars or vans and 2 minibuses in Lima and 30 cars in Cusco.

Bottom line is the expats living here in Lima and Cusco know the value we provide. Now we are reaching out to the world and changing taxis in Peru forever.

We would not have made it this far without clients just like you. Clients looking for the best value for their money are what keeps us going.


Here it is


Simply click on the scheduler on your right hand side of the screen now. Enter the discount code before checkout.

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