El Panecillo, Quito: A Safe and Scenic Visit to an Iconic Landmark

El Panecillo

El Panecillo

Quito, Ecuador is filled with cultural landmarks and stunning hidden gems. Among them, El Panecillo stands at the top offering panoramic views of the Quito and surrounding mountains. Exploring this marval is a must for any traveler, howver safety during the visit should be a top priority. Below we’ll guide you on how to have a safe and memorable experience at El Panecillo in Quito.

Timing Is Important

Timing is crucial when planning any trip to El Panecillo. Generally safer to visit during daylight hours, and mornings or early afternoons. Avoid visiting the area after dark, as it can become less secure, especially for solo travelers

Group Travel

Travel In Groups

Add an extra layer of safety by traveling in a group, whether with friends, family, or a guided tour. You can watch out for each other and deter potential troublemakers.

Use a Repuptable Taxi Company

El Panecillo may require a taxi ride for some. Always use reputable taxi services recommended by a reliable source. A good pratice is to arrange for a round-trip taxi service or ask one of our driver’s to wait for you while you explore. If you’re truly concerned about safety and want an informative experience, consider hiring us for your Airport transportation. Our driver’s can offer insights into the area’s history and culture while ensuring your safety. Gringo Taxis have drivers with all the experience you need. Simply ask any of our friendly drivers who double as tour guides to help.

Our Drivers are Local and are up to date with the local situation helping you make better informed decisions on your trip.

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Like in any tourist destination, keep an eye on your belongings. Use a secure bag or backpack and avoid displaying expensive items such as jewelry or electronics.

Last but not leaset trust your instincts. If something feels off or encountering a situation making you uncomfortable, it’s okay to leave and seek help if needed.


Consider Customs When Visiting El Panecillo

Try to familiarize yourself with cultural norms, like the acceptable dress codes for visiting religious sites like the Virgin of Quito statue on El Panecillo. While you may not be religious, many are in Quito. Being respectful is more than being nice and won’t cost a penny extra.

Avoid Going Off The Beaten Path

While tempting, avoid venturing off into less-traveled areas, stick to designated paths and viewpoints. 

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