Airport Taxi Safety Tips for Tourists in Quito

Tourist Safety Tips For Quito Airport Taxis

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Airport Taxi Safety is, as it should be, a concern for travelers. Gringo Taxis has a long history of providing safe, reliable and punctual airport transfers in Peru and is now operating in Quito Ecuador.

Following this guide’s helpful tips you can be assured of a safe and relaxing trip to or from the Quito Airport.


How can I ensure my safety when taking an airport taxi in Quito, especially as a tourist?

Step 1: Do some reasearch online looking for top private hire airport taxis providers such as Gringo Taxis.

Step 2: Verify that the airport taxi I’m using is legitimate and not involved in scams or fraudulent activities.

Step 3: Keep your belongings secure and store valuables out of sight. After 8 years experience in Peru and our Drivers in Quito having 5 years experience. We’ve learned that keeping your valuables in the trunk space is best.

Although keeping your passport on you and not in a bag is very important. Carrying your passport in a purse means the purse is subject to being stolen and your passport gone with it. Any and all eletronics should be stored in the trunk space.


Step 4: While some travelers are more well off financially than others, showing off your wealth will make you a target to thieves, especially in South America. Use simple every day luggage, there’s no need for expensive leather suitcases when there’s a good chance the weather will ruin them anyways.

Step 5; Do not use a “shared Taxi”. This may be popular and fine back in your home country but we’re talking about your safety in Quito not your local home town.

Last and possibly the most important Tip is this. DO NOT get into anyones car who has yelled your name out. The drivers who stand around read the signs of waiting private hire drivers and yell the persons name out. Not only stealing their client but allowing the passengers to be robbed with no recourse.

Metered Taxis

Taxi Meter

Unlike Peru, Quito Taxis are Metered. Sounds good on the surface right? Unfortunately not such a good idea at all. See many Taxis will play a game with you, they will tell you they don’t know where the location is and will drive around and around “looking for the loccation”, all the while adding up your charges. 

Hiring a Private Airport Taxi will prevent that with fixed rates. Understanding that in Ecuador, anyone with a car will stop and tell you they’re a taxi. Cars are very expensive in Ecuador and the maintence and upkeep are equally expensive, so if they can scam you into thinking they’re a taxi and overcharge you, well they just helped keep their car on the road a few days longer.

Hiring a Private hire taxi should be the first thing you do. Our drivers here at Gringo Taxis will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall and excort you to their vehicle, adding to your orverall safety on your trip

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