Importing Cars Guide Peru (2022)

Importing Cars Will Be Harder For Expats

This one’s for the Expat Community, or anyone planning on importing cars to Peru in the coming months and years.

So Who Is The MTC And How Do They Affect Importing Cars

THE MTC is actually the Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones. This is also the same branch of Government who makes up the licensing rules and Touring is tasked with enforcement of said rules, so let’s not confuse the two.

Recently the MTC updated the laws around importing cars and as it stands now. Vehicles two years old or less and haven’t been involved in an accident can be imported. I’m sorry to tell you, this means your beautiful 2019 M4 BMW won’t be making the trip.

Your M4 BMW from 2015 won't be allowed in Peru

Main Objectives Of The Rule Change

In order to standardize the technical conditions that must be met for used passenger or freight vehicles imported into Peru, the (MTC) modified the minimum quality standards.

According to the regulations, only vehicles that have a maximum age of 2 years may enter Peru, counted from the model year. The MTC hopes that with less obsolete cars, that drivers will be safer, and they’ll reduce environmental pollution.

Additionally, the maximum permissible mileage was reduced. This requirement must be authorized by SUNAT (the taxation body of the Government) and before the verification entities at the time of their nationalization.

Categories And How They Affect Your Desire To Bring Your Car

The list below includes nearly every type and size of vehicle. Most of you’ll be looking to import the “L”, which is 20,000 or M1 at 32,000. What the MTC has failed to state in their article for instance is. Whether the mileage is Miles or Kilometers. Knowing Peru, I’d bet it’s Kilometers.

L – 20,000

M1 – 32,000

M2 – 36,000

M3 – 120,000

N1 – 36,000

N2 – 120,000

N3 – 240,000

The Supreme Decree Nº005-2020-MTC, published on February 2 in El Peruano established that importation of used vehicles with compression ignition engines (diesel) of categories L, M and N will not be allowed, with the exception of subcategories M3 and N3.

Wrecked Vehicles Are Not Welcome

The MTC has updated the laws around importing cars and wrecked vehicles are not permitted.

The exact rules used to determine if your vehicle will be allowed to enter Peru are as follows. The vehicle must not have been in an accident, or for instance.

Vehicles having been


Frontal Damage

Side or rear-end collision damage

Fire Damage



Water damage (flooding, submerged or prolonged exposure)

Exposure damage


Or otherwise considered non-repairable. Basically any damage where the vehicle has been declared as a partial or total loss from the country of origin.

Older vehicles passing the maximum permissible emissions limits for new vehicles will be denied entry.

Imported vehicles that will be excluded from this rule are based on the date of entry into Peru, have landed in the Peruvian port; The car must be in transit to Peru or has been previously acquired. In these cases you must provide authorized with the corresponding documents.

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