Drunk Driving Peru (2022)

Driving Under The Influence Is A Bigger Problem Than Just Safety

Figures from the National Police of Peru (PNP) say driving under the influence in Peru is a huge safety problem. In fact its the number 3 cause of traffic accidents in the country. And there’s little to nothing being done to change it.

In 2018 there were 6,602 accidents caused by driving under the influence. Lima having the lions share at nearly 50% of the reports with 3,019. Followed by Arequipa (491), La Libertad (342), Puno (307), Piura (275) and Cusco (267).

Why Driving Drunk Will Most Likely Continue

Unfortunately Peruvians have a saying. Which goes like this “La Hora Peruana” and seems to mean more than arriving late to a party or appointment. This “we’ll get to it when we feel like” seems to be the way things get done here. This also means drinking and driving will be around longer than need be.

Loss Of License

Driver’s arrested driving drunk or using drugs and, not having caused damage are fined S/2,100 and lose their license for three years. Any driver causing damage will have their license revoked without possibility of getting it back and fined S/4200.

The MTC reminds drivers that the Criminal Code for drunk drivers who take a human life could receive up to eight years in jail.

Taxi Cabs And Driving Under The Influence

A Taxi Cab driver whom you would think are professionals are oftentimes some of the worst offenders. Thought that your last white knuckle ride from the airport or concert was bad? Be thankful your driver wasn’t drunk, or was he?

With the invention of the internet, hiring a truly professional cab here is not hard. Here are Gringo Taxis we take your life, your family’s life and safety seriously.

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