Low Cost Airline Peru (2022)

Wingo, Another Low Cost Airline Will Begin Operations Next April 28th

The Colombian Airline Wingo is one of many low cost Airline to start up in the last 3 years in Peru. They’ve announced the start of operations with one of the new Wingo destinations said to be Lima, Peru. Their operations will start next April 28th with only two weekly flights one on Tuesdays and one on Saturdays.

Wingo, The Low Cost Airline and Their Big Expansion Plan

Until now, Wingo serviced just 5 destinations in the region: Colombia (Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Cartagena), Cuba (Havana) and now Peru (Lima) this new route to Lima will increase their presence in the market to 6 locations.

This announcement marks the beginning Wingo’s expansion plan in the South American market. In only three years Wingo has become a profitable airline. Wingo appears to be an Airline that’s ready to take their formula of punctuality and low prices that characterizes them to new destinations.

Fee’s and Baggage

According Wingo’s General Director Carolina Cortizo. “The Wingo launch fees are available on the Wingo website at www.wingo.com“. With Flights starting from $113 round trip, which include taxes and fees. And with the Wingo baggage policy that includes one 10 kilogram carry-on bag and one personal item up to 6 kilograms, totally free.

Benefits To Both Peru And Panama

Liriola Pitti the general director of PromTour Panama stated. “The new route is good news for Panama for instance, it’ll allow them to receive more Peruvians who’ll spend their money and continue to boost our economy. This creates more opportunities for both countries to increase tourism to many of the cultural, natural, gastronomic and historical attractions which both Panama and Peru are popular for.

Flight Times And Plane Details

The the aircraft for this new route will be a 737-800 NG with a passenger capacity of 186. The planes departure time from Panama is 12:59 p.m. with the landing scheduled in Lima at 16:25 p.m. Wingo goes on to say “flights departing Lima at 17:20 p.m will arrive in Panama City at 9:00 p.m”.

“With Lima being known worldwide for its tourism, cultural and gastronomy. Wingo says, “we’ll be happy to give thousands of Panamanians wings to discover Peru”. While on the other hand wingo will continue to grow itself as an engine for the Panama tourism industry. We’ll continue to encourage more traffic to Peru as well, ”Cortizo said.

Good New For Gringo Taxis

With the addition of Wingo, Gringo Taxis will also be pushing hard to increase our presence as a top VIP Airport Taxi Service in Lima. People flying Wingo will get to ride in what we believe is a truly superior airport taxi.

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