Guide to Seeing Concerts in Peru

Seeing a concert while on vacation in Peru can be the highlight of your trip. Concerts in Peru are usually big, exciting affairs. Best of all, it’s easy to get tickets and go to a show.

Peru isn’t often on the list of countries a band will visit while on tour. This is improving, but you’ll find many that skip Peru. As a result, whenever a band does come, it’s usually a big deal. People may have waited their entire lives to see this one show.

How to Get Tickets for Concerts in Peru

The Formal Way

As always, in Peru you can do things the right way, or the informal way. The formal way of getting concert tickets in Peru is by using ticket distributors like Teleticket or Joinnus. These two are the most common vendors for concerts in Peru.

You can easily set up an account online and pay with a credit card. It does not have to be a Peruvian card, making it really easy for foreigners to buy concert tickets.

Teleticket also has stands in most Wong supermarkets, and some Metro supermarkets as well. You can pay in cash and get your tickets while you are in Peru.

The Informal Way

You can also try to walk outside the venue and get tickets from scalpers. This can often be cheaper than buying them from the official sources. However, there are no guarantees.

You may not be able to get tickets, or they might be far more expensive. You may get lucky and get a good deal. Our advice is that if you really are dying to see the band, don’t take any chances.

Where are Concerts in Peru?

Concerts are always in Lima, and typically in one of a handful of venues. The largest locations are the Estadio Nacional and Estadio Monumental, on the east side of town.

After that, you might find your favorite band playing in Parque de la Exposicion, located just a few blocks from the National Stadium. Another similar venue is Jockey Club, behind Jockey Plaza shopping mall.

How to Get to Concerts in Peru

This is where you need to be smart. Unlike many other things in Peru, concerts are very punctual. They will start on time, and while they will let you in late, you may be stuck in the back.

Since these shows attract life-long fans itching for their first chance to see their favorite artist, the lines going in can be long. For the Roger Waters show, I waiting almost 45 minutes just to get in!

Forget about taking a bus to the venues, as the streets in the area will fill up fast. That means it’s taxi time.

However, don’t be surprised if many cabs don’t want to go. The traffic in the area can care them right off. If you go early enough, you shouldn’t have a problem.

It’s getting back that’s harder. As dozens of cabs compete for passengers who flood the streets, the scene can be chaotic to say the least. You can make your concert night a whole lot easier with a VIP taxi service.

True story: After a concert in Monumental, a group of friends and I got into a cab. But the street was so packed with cars that we didn’t move for 15 minutes! We just sat there.

Smarter patrons had arranged some transport on a side street and zipped right out of there. We ended up walking for an hour because the street cabs just weren’t getting it done.

If you decide to go to concerts in Peru, be sure to be mindful of your possessions. Pickpocketing at shows is common, especially in a tightly-packed general admission area. You can make sure you have the safest and most enjoyable night out with a VIP taxi service.

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