Peruvian Drivers License Renewal

Peruvian Drivers License Renewal - The Ultimate Guide

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Peruvian Drivers License AKA Brevete

Peruvian Drivers Licenses are known by 3 terms, Brevete, Licencia, and  Licencia de conducir. You will hear all 3 terms, with Brevete a more common term used among locals. Let me also say I am a fan of following the rules when it comes to driving. Peru has enough other problems, lets not add to them.

This post is also about how to renew a driving license, not how to obtain a Peruvian drivers license.

Driving Without A License

Driving without a license is much the same in Peru as back home. This means if caught without one, or one that has expired the fines can be expensive. And this ultimate guide will help prevent future problems.

When I say expensive I really mean it, Driving with an expired License ranges from S/207.50 to S/2490 and goes up whenever the UIT goes up.


Keep Reading For The 3 Step Process To Renewing Your Peruvian Drivers License

What Documents Do I Need To Renew My Peuvian Drivers License?

Assuming you are reading this blog because you are renewing your Peruvian Drivers License.  You will be somewhat familar with this part.

The MTC says you can renew online.

You can also renew in person at Touring in Lima. Unfortunately outside of Lima I am not a big help. That is unless there is a Touring in your area. If not, any place where they do the written testing will work.

You will need the same things you needed to get your first orginal Peruvian Drivers License. So you will need a medical and psychological exam stating you are fit to drive. Please click this Link above to find an approved medical exam location closest to you. You will also need your about to expire or very recently expired drivers license (Yes Your RECENTLY EXPIRED License will work. I know, I have done this myself)

Bring with you, your DNI, or Carne de Extranjeria (CE).  Both original and a copy. Also bring a passport sized photo if you are doing this with your (CE). The background of the photo must be white. This is because your picture is not in the Peruvian System beyond Migraciones. If you have a DNI your picture will not be needed.

Peruvian Drivers License Renewal In 3 Simple Steps

STEP 1: Make a payment via pagalo

The amount wil be determined based on your selection of license, either physical or vitual. The physical License is S/14.70. While the digital is S/6.70.

Payment code for the physical is 1602, and for the digital the code is 1601.

Rates shown are for Lima. Every region sets their own rates so not in Lima, prices may be different.

Step 2: Go to your licening center and fill out the paperwork with your personal information.  Fill out a document swearing your license is not revoked or suspended and funally turn in your old license.

Step 3: Collect your renewed Peruvian Drivers license. This should be delivered to you in about 20 minutes or so. The process may take more or less time in different regions.


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