What Types Of Taxi’s Are There In Lima

Type’s of Taxi’s In Peru Can Be A Bit Complicated

Airport Taxi sign

All types Taxi’s in Peru start at the airport when you arrive. Right away you’ll be bombarded with everyone and the their brother. . . or sister looking to provide a taxi. Unfortunately you as a tourist have no idea what’s a legal taxi, a fair priced taxi or even the type of taxi being offered. We’re here to help you figure out what’s best for you and your needs.

Types of Taxis In Peru

Here in Peru we have 5 types of Taxis and each comes with its own set of rules. Unfortunately the rules are often ignored by both the taxi driver, the business running the taxis and the police.

The 5 types available here are; Taxi Independiente, Taxi Estación, Taxi Remisse (AKA Corporate Taxi) ,Taxi Aplicativo and finally the dreaded colectivo

Should I Negociate For A Lower Price?

After living in Peru for 5 years I’ve learned a few things about negotiating with the Peruvians. That being said you’re smart and will read a few blogs about grabbing a Taxi and how “everything’s negociable” in Peru.

Yes that’s true however what you get for that negotiation is yet to be seen. Usually as with any negotiation here the lower the price, the lower the quality. This is the same worldover.

Think about it, if you buy brakes for your car and you buy metallic ones the price is far cheaper than buying Ceramic ones. Basically you get what you pay for. Unfortunately that goes for grabbing Taxis in Peru as well. Check out our blog post on how taxis work in Peru how taxis work in Peru

Whats The Best Taxi For Me?

Great question! There are lots of variables when it comes to grabbing Taxis in Peru. Fortunately we’re here to help narrow down what’s best for you.

One issue indirectly mentioned above is budget. If you’re on a tight budget and feel the need to negotiate that’s one way to keep your expenses low.

Time is another issue. If you’re on a tight schedule, do you want to wait for an app like Uber and have them cancel at the last minute (which is very common here). Or do you need something more reliable, punctual and dependable?

Space requirements are often problematic as well. Most of the cars here, especially taxis, have a tank for natural gas in their trunk (or boot for those in the UK). This tank reduces the available space for important things like luggage.

How many people you’re traveling with adds another level of complexity as well as space management. Luckily for you www.gringotaxis.com has the right size vehicle for you and your family or group, and at the right price to get reliable, punctual and dependable service.

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