Lima Airport Taxis Post COVID19 (2021 Update)

Lima Airport Taxis Have Changed Post COVID-19

The change in Lima Airport Taxis is something we had expected from the beginning of Covid. And compared to what has been the norm for the last 4 years for us it’s not really any different for passengers. These new rules may change how you purchase a Taxi going forward as well. The new regulations are not designed to regulate taxis in the normal fashion. Usually regulations are to restrict the areas of operation, signage, licencing or other documents allowing us to be an Airport Taxi. This time the regulations are about the actions of the driver’s AND the passengers.

when you’re done checking out this page, have a look at the Lima Airports new regulations

Who Set The New Regulations For Lima Airport Taxis

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The “New Normal” has arrived in Peru

The Minister of Transportation and Communication (MTC) has published Resolución Ministerial Nº 258-2020-MTC/01. These new regulations are designed to help slow or stop the spread of COVID-19 in Peru. These new regulations are supported by the new Autoridad de Transporte Urbano (ATU) which is the branch of Government that deals directly with the driver’s, and enforces the regulations. The ATU is basically the traffic police, but are limited in power to dealing with Taxis and Buses. You’ll see them at many of the bus stops wearing red vest’s

How Will My Taxi Ride Change To Or From The Lima Airport?

Actually the changes are not only limited to Lima and it’s Airport. The new regulations are country wide and are for all legal Taxi’s. That said you won’t see the ATU in every city as they’re job is limited to just Lima and Callao.

There are now regulations on where passengers can sit, how many people can be moved in different vehicles, masks, windows and Air Conditioning. While these new regulations are designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, at least two of them either affect the customers comfort or puts them at a much higher risk of being robbed. I’ll detail the new regulations below.

New Regulations That Will Affect My Next Ride

Reduced Passenger Capacity

The number of passengers per vehicle has been reduced. Taxi’s have been restricted to 75% capacity. Taxis are requiered to create a no touch payment system, which we have via our website or secure payment link sent to your email or WhatsApp.

Rules And Recommendations During Transit

Transparent Divider

New to Peru is the requirement of a “Transparent Divider” between the front and rear seat. This divider is meant to isolate the driver and passenger and help to prevent contact between them.

There will be a sign attached to the divider which is required, telling you about Peru’s “recommendations” on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The sign will also indicate the new regulations for Taxis and public transportation.

Mandatory Mask’s

Taxi driver’s AND passengers are now required to wear mask’s or the service is not permitted. Shared (Uberpool or similar) taxi’s are not allowed unless it’s one or more passengers known to each other and on the same route. This rule effectively say’s the famous “colectivo” should be against the law now (at least in Lima and Callao). This is because the passengers using a colectivo are “unknown” to each other. We’ll see where that goes in the coming months. Unlikely that part of the law will actually enforced.

The Risky Recommendation

The use of Air Conditioning is now being promoted by Peru as a bad thing. The Government has requested that Taxi’s no longer use Air Conditioning (When Air Conditioning is a requirement to be a Taxi Remisse). They go on to promote “Natural Ventilation”, which is good, but puts the occupants at high risk of being robbed on Av Faucett (this is the road the Airport is located on). I actually went for a ride as a passenger in one of our taxis and tried my hardest to deal without the A/C and as summer approaches in Lima this will be an issue. I’ll speak with our drivers and see what we can come up with.


While we here at Gringo Taxi’s regularly clean and disinfect our cars some Taxi’s in Peru never do. This new regulation requires Taxi’s to have cleaned their cars before and after each service. The regulation is very specific, and only mentions things like, using 70% alcohol, cleaning door handles (inside and out), window buttons, seats and seat-belts. They also go on and say both the driver and passenger(s) should wash their hands with soap and water, not tough their face even if wearing a mask.

Failure To Communicate

All of this said, the ATU is a new branch of government. Ok not really new but rather “reorganized”. There is a huge problem in Peru with the different branches of government communicating which may cause a bit of chaos for a few months. Point is, don’t be surprised if your taxi is stopped in route. The ATU may let the driver go just fine. Due to the lack of communication a Transit Police Officer may not be so nice.

Child Car Seats

Car seats are nearly extinct here in Perú, which is why we have bought ourselves one. Unfortunately we only have one available in Lima and one in Cusco for the moment. You’ll need to schedule in advance in order to take advantage of it.

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