What Does A VIP Airport Taxi Mean To You

Does A VIP Airport Taxi mean waiting on you hand and foot?

Does A VIP Airport Taxi mean the driver waits on you hand and foot, we like to think not. You see most people, even the “Very Important People” of the world want a service that goes the extra mile. Unfortunately there’s no hard evidence of what VIP Service actually means.


VIP Treatment Redefined

Now you’re thinking “how can an Airport Taxi company “Redefine” VIP Treatment?” Great! That’s exactly what we want you to be thinking right now.

We like to think Great communication is a start. Followed very closely by things like Reliability, Punctuality, Dependability and Affordability, don’t you? This is what I’m talking about, this is real VIP Treatment.

Is Communication Important?

Communication is more than the ability to send emails. For instance speaking to your Taxi Driver between the Hotel and Airport. And although you have access to an English Speaker through your Tour Operator things are more complicated than need be. In other words VIP treatment is your ability to make changes on the fly, making your trip much more enjoyable.

Express Airport Taxi Service

Is Reliability Really An Issue In Perú?

If you’ve never heard the phrase ” que lo que cuesta barato sale caro”, you have now. Basically it means “you get what you pay for” or “it cost more in the long run”. And while not exclusively a Peruvian issue it’s a real issue. Although you might think a taxi company intent on growing their business would be reliable. That’s just not the case here in Peru. Many companies look at missing a pickup as not a big deal. Unfortunately you’re “just another customer”. In other words 1 in 1000 they move every month. In conclusion hire someone with a reputation of being reliable.

La Hora Peruana, just how real is it?

Oh how I wish it wasn’t so but. . . Unfortunately La Hora Peruana (AKA Peruvian Time) is real and refers to Punctuality. I’ve stood waiting for a client while watching people walk around for as long as 2 hours. Often times their driver doesn’t show up at all.

How Do I Pick The Right VIP Airport Taxi For Me

Read online reviews like the ones I linked to above. Look for common themes like Communication, Reliability, Punctuality, Dependability and Affordability. Ignore anyone who uses terms like “fast” or “economical”. Although these companies seem good on the surface, they’re the ones who only care about getting to their next fare and you’re just a number to them. All that said don’t be afraid to check us out.



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