Peru’s International Airport Reopening (2021)

Peru And International Flights

Peru and international flights updates have been slow coming over the last year now. OMG! Did I just say “last year”? What started as a 15 shutdown back on March 15th 2020, has turned into a year long, on and off shutdown. And no one needs to hear that many people lost their lives, livelyhoods and businesses due to these shut downs.

All that said, in the last week, things are changing at a blistering pace. 

In this update we’ll cover the newest rules, quarantine and flight information released for March 1st, in the legal document we call the decreto supremo Nº 036-2021-PCM

Man Sitting at the Lima Airport

International Flights Remain Open

Peru was one of the first countires to shut down international flights in an effort to contain and control Covid-19. Since then the country has struggled in every area including, medical facilities, politically and with the reopening of the country. In fact in the last couple of weeks Peru has taken a large step back.

International Flights to and from Peru began on October 5th, expanded in November, and reduced on January 6th, 2021. Currently Peru is open to 11 countries and 41 cities worldwide. Flights over 8 hours remain prohibited. However for the rest of the approved world, international flights remain open. And Peru is suspending the entry from March 01 to 14, 2021, into the country of all non-resident foreigners from Europe, South Africa and / or Brazil, or who have made a stopover in said places

Unfortunately for our Canadian friends, Air Canada has suspended all flights to Peru for a very long time. You’ll have to make a connection in the. Here’s our blog post from a Canadian who just flew to Peru this last week. She gives some great detail on what to expect.

Peru early on had planed its reopening to include Europe on the approved fly list. However recently the government realized Europe is having a second shutdown due to the new mutation of Covid.

National State Of Emergency Extended-Again

Not unexpectedly, on March 1st, Peru extended the Natioanal State of Emergency for 31  days. However this time things are a bit more relaxed than when the first shutdowns went into affect.

First you should know exactly what the State of Emergency does and how it affects you.

During the present extension of the State of National Emergency, the exercise of constitutional rights relating to personal liberty and security, the inviolability of the home, the freedom of assembly and transit in the territory are restricted.

This page is geared towards tourists so, if you manage to make it or are considering trying to come to Peru. Lima is under and “Extreme Alert Level” which means, this is what you’ll be walking into. If you’re a legal resident and need to know more about what’s open for you, like car dealerships or mechanics the full list is in the decree.

Interprovincial land passenger transport: 50% to 100% regulated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. And will now require a negative Covid Antigen test.

Beaches will be closed in the Extreme Alert Areas (which includes Lima) until March 14th.

 Casinos and Slots : 0% Capacity, Preforming Arts: 20% Capacity, Shopping centers, galleries, department stores, general stores and conglomerates: 20% Capacity. Stores supplying basic necessities, supermarkets, markets, itinerant markets, warehouses and pharmacies: 40% Capacity

Restaurants and related: 30% inside or outside.

Restaurant service for home delivery (delivery): until 11:00 p.m.

Temples and places of worship: 0%

Libraries, museums, archaeological monuments, cultural centers and galleries, botanical and zoological gardens: 30%

Activities of sports clubs and associations: 0%

Hairdressers and spa, barber shops, facial massages, manicures, make-up and other related: 40%

Sports and cultural education: 20%

Banks and other financial entities: 40%

Three Levels Of Risk

The three  levels are now Extreme Risk, Very High Risk, High Risk. Each level has their own restrictions so your abilty to move around may be more or less restricted dependng on where you are or where you’re going.

 As of March 1st there is no longer a “quarentine” however, there are still curfews and days people are not allowed out. Days and tiimes vary based on the Alert Level you’re in or going to. Tourist however can still arrive and are allowed to go to their final destination before they too will be required to quarentine for 14 days. You can also still go to the airport if you have proof you’re departing during the curfew hours.

High alert level: from 10:00PM to 4:00AM.

Very high alert level: from 9:00PM to 4:00AM

Extreme alert level: from 9:00PM to 4:00AM

Lima is under the “Extreme Alert” and there’s just too many other places to list under “High Alert” but you can imagine they’ll be places like Cusco, Arequipa Cajamarca and Madre de Dios to name a few. For a full list please see the table in the Decree posted on this page.

Arrivals And Departures

As you can see from above Lima is under a very strict curfew. In fact the only people who are allowed out during these hours are people with a special work pass.

Fortunately for you our driver’s have those work permits and can pick up or drop off at the airport 24 hours even during curfew. If a family member or friend tells you not to worry, you should worry and worry a lot. The fine is S/6450 or about $2000, as well as loss of license and loss of their car for being out after 6pm. While you can be in transit, they can’t be out. Don’t put your loved ones at risk of heavy fines.


The use of private vehicles is prohibited according to the Alert Level by region.  

All alert levels prohibit the use of Private family cars on Sunday’s

There is an exception for private vehicles having a vehicle pass, issued by the competent authority.

Fine For Being Out During Curfew
Don't put your family or friends at risk of losing their car, and License just to pick you up.

Finally Flights Both International and Domestic

Airplane Arrival With Taxi Background

Interprovincial passenger transport (air and land): 0%, except for flights that land and take off from the Constitutional Province of Callao and the Province of Maynas, whose regulation must be approved by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. As noted above, International flights will continue without interuption. You’ll still need a PCR or Antigen test, and you’ll still need to quaraentine for 14 days. But. . .  you can still fly to Peru.

Also take note that Unilabs is now providing Antigen Tests at the Jorge Chave Airport, with PCR Testing coming in the following weeks. You need to make an appointment as well. These tests are not a quick turn around, meaing you’re not going to skip to the airport and take your test then 2 hours later jump on your flight out of here.

As for Domestic flights, you can fly with just an Antigen test.


  1. Transportefacil Peru

    My apologizes for the inconvenience, feel free to share the page as a whole.

  2. Don Mattiford

    I’d like to visit my wife in Lima. I haven’t seen her since last January. Would I qualify under the category of “other” ?

    1. Transportefacil Peru

      Peru is as of Late allowing people to arrive on a tourist visa so you should have no problem now.

  3. Chris M

    I have an antigen test as it’s difficult to get a pcr where I am in the US. My flight is wedsday to Lima so I’m getting it Sunday night. Should I be ok?

    1. Transportefacil Peru

      The US embassy says Americans are must have a PCR test to enter Peru.

      Today the Lima Airport as well as the Peruvian health department are saying the only requirement is “either” a PCR test or and Antigen test. I’ve only spoke to one person who claims that he entered with just and Antigen test.

  4. johanna

    Hello,we would like to return to Cusco,we are in Mexico right now. If Lima is in the red zone,and there are no national flights to and from Lima,how do I get from Lima to Cusco ? Thank you for your answer

    1. Transportefacil Peru

      National flights are open still as long as they start or end in Lima at the Jorge Chávez International Airport. You’ll need an Antigen test before you can fly to Cusco unless you’re just making a connection in Lima

  5. Jim

    Is it possible to fly from the US and connect in Lima onward to Iquitos, and quarantine in Iquitos?

    1. Transportefacil Peru

      Yes, you are allowed up to 24 hours to get to your final destination. At which point you are expected to quarantine for 14 days. However you may take a PCR test after 6 days and be allowed to skip the final 8 days of quarantine if you test negative.

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