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Welcome Back To Peru! The Jorge Chavez International Airport reopening to 25 cities on November 1. This after more than 6 months closed. We finally got official word! 

The international airport reopening flight to Lima is finally here. On March 16th 2020 Peru shut their borders to all international flights to Peru. The country was one of the first to shutdown in an effort to contain and control Covid-19. Since then the country has struggled with every area including medical facilities, politically and with the reopening of the country.

Mixed Messages Around International Airport Reopening Flights To Lima

Month after month the Peruvian Government has made statements regarding the green light on international flight to Lima. Originally, we were told international flights would start with Stage 4. This was scheduled for late July or early August. However July and August brought a resurgence of the virus with them in areas like Cusco and Arequipa. This prompted the Government to shut those areas down for another 30 days. After all the misinformation from the Peruvian Government, International flights have restarted. Unfortunately European countries did not make the latest list of approved countries. International Flights up to  hours have been approved. And while Toronto Canada is only 7 hour and 50 minutes away, the city almost didn’t make the list. In fact I waited to update this page to be sure they would be added  

Craziness Of The Peruvian Government Continues

Back in August the MTC stated very clearly International Flight to Lima would start “a partir del primero de Octubre” ( as of the first of October). That said we who live here and persons who speak and understand Spanish well are very familiar with this kind of thing happening here in Peru. One minister will open their mouth and the next will contradict everything said.

So here we are with an “official” update on international flight to Peru. Cities within 8 hours of Lima have been approved. Unfortunately for our Canadian friends Air Canada doesn’t have any scheduled flights until December. Check with Aeromexico. Keep reading if you want to know why there was no clear picture on when Peru’s airport would be reopening.

Should I Get My hopes Up To Traveling To Peru?

Unfortunately the answer to that is a resounding no! No you should not start getting excited about traveling to Peru right away. That’s not to say here at Gringo Taxis we’re not excited to hear the Lima Airport is reopening. And while you’re here, you may want to read how the Lima Airport Taxi’s have changed.

Peru has been self destructive and has no clear plan to move forward. One day tourism is said to be open on July 1st. The next is there will be no international tourism until 2021. What we actually know so far is this. Yes, the international flights to Peru have restarted as of October 1st. And as of November 1st Peru is restarting flights to 10 new countries and 25 new cities. However from what I can make of the news so far, the only travelers will be, Citizens, Residents, Workers, Students and “other”. The word “other” went undefined in the official decree. I would only be assuming if I mentioned things like Medical Persons, News Crews or NGO’s.  Priority will be to people who are traveling to Peru in order to help control the virus (Covid). Relax if you’re not on the list, Peru will still be here and most likely in a better position health wise than it is today. All of that said, I have picked up people traveling to Peru as a “tourist” so far all of them have been reuniting with a girlfriend or boyfriend and not actually coming for tourism.

Is Peru Safe from Covid?

Man wearing a face mask
Peru requires a mask in public as well as a face shield on public transit such as buses, combi’s or domestic flight’s

Great question! Recently the news has placed Peru Number 1 in the world for death’s due to Covid. This however does not mean Peru has a higher level of contagion. This ranking is due to a lack of adequate medical facilities throughout the country and lacking oxygen supply.

Peru has also adopted some very serious health protocols for everyone in the country. An example would be, anyone flying domestically, riding a public bus/combi are required to wear both a face mask and face shield. Everyone is required to wear a face mask in public and maintain social distancing. That said if someone invades your space, you may want to worry about your belongings.

What Precautions Should I take While Visiting Peru?

Face Shield
Follow Peru’s guidelines for a safe, enjoyable experience

The Lima Airport will look different that’s for sure. Other than that, wear a Face Mask, even if you don’t like it. Peru is very far behind the rest of the developed world in terms of medical treatment and facilities. Keep a minimum of six feet or 2 meters from everyone, enter a local open air market and be sure to adhere to the above suggestions. Peruvians tend to stand most closer to each other than people around the world. We also have commercials here suggesting people wash their packaged items with a bleach and water solution before handling the items at home. If you do decide to try and fly in or out of Peru, you’ll need negative PCR or (Molecular) test for Covid that’s no older than 72 hour from the time it’s taken.

What Will Peru Look Like When I Arrive?

Thing’s here will look much the same as before as far as the actual buildings go. There hasn’t been any riots, no burned out buildings or smashed windows or cars. Peruvians have done a great job tolerating the extended shutdown. However with the extended shut down, people that were poor before are even more desperate. And according to the news crime is on the rise.

What will look different is the large number of closed businesses, seeing everyone (ok almost everyone) wearing a face-mask or face shield, disco’s may not be open, in fact just recently an article came out suggesting Bars and Disco’s may not get the green light to open until 2021. Lima Beaches are closed on the weekends, and paying for things with a card may be very different from what you’re used to as well. You may have to insert your card in the machine versus the waiter or cashier doing it. Your money may even be sprayed with alcohol before it’s picked it up. You’ll be required to step on a mat and have your hands sprayed with an alcohol solution before entering a building, and the number of people will be reduced.

A few examples would be where I buy my gas. The store now only allows 5 people to be in the store at any given time. Normally there are 5 people in line and another 5-7 shoppers. Local buses, taxi’s and restaurants are being reduced to 50% capacity. While inter-provincial buses are allowed to run at full capacity following the governments guidelines.

Thing’s will be slower, but not unfriendly, at least not in Lima. Having not traveled outside of Lima too much I can’t give a firsthand accounting of what it’s like in the smaller villages.

What Will The Airport Look Like When I Arrive?

Right now the Jorge Chavez International Airport is in the process of making some modifications to better serve passengers. Please read our blog post on the changes being implemented here. You may also want to read about the changes to taxi’s here.

In our case, we regularly disinfect our vehicles, have placed a required barrier between the front and rear seats. Reduced the number of passenger’s per vehicle (based on the law) to 50%. Provide alcohol or antibacterial gel, all according to the guidelines provided by the Peruvian government.


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