Off the Beaten Path – Huánuco, Peru

Getting there

We can get you to the bus terminal from anywhere in Lima! <More Information>. A quick search of shows that seven bus companies serve Huánuco from Lima, Peru. A one-way ticket is PEN40-70 or about USD$12-20. Getting there takes about 8 hours and the roads are well maintained as it is a vital trade route between Lima and Pucallpa.

About the city

Huánuco, Peru has one of the best micro-climates in Peru. It is comfortable year-round and has a climate very similar to San Diego, CA, warm days and cool nights. Huánuco is considered ‘selva alta’ or high jungle. Its elevation is 1913 mt. – 6275 feet. Its current population is around 200,000. It is located in central Peru, along the highway from Pucallpa to Lima about halfway from both.

Things to do

Huánuco has a lot to offer. It is culturally and historically significant with sites including Kotosh – “Templo de la Manos Cruzadas “ (Temple of the Crossed Hands) and is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Americas. The region is important for its geographical location, history, and for the great farming. The presence of man dates back to ancient times. El Hombre de Lauricocha (Man of Lauricocha) is a very important example. It dates from 10,000 BC, as well as Kotosh, where the oldest settlement in the Americas (4200 BC) took place.

Places to see

Near Huánuco you can visit La Perricholi’s house. Maria Micaela Villegas Hurtado is known as La Perricholi(September 28, 1748 – May 16, 1819). She is the most famous woman in Peruvian history. Her house is well preserved and off the beaten path. It makes for a great tourist attraction. Ricardo Palma is known as one of Peru’s most famous authors. He wrote in his book, Tradiciones Peruanas (Peruvian Traditions), that she was very charming and deeply influenced politics and religion during the mid to late 1700s to her death in 1819.


The cuisine is outstanding! It is a mix of jungle and Andean food. From pachamanca(meat and vegetables, slow roasted over hot rocks buried in the ground) or Picante de cuy (Spicy guinea pig stew). From the jungle there’s tachacho with cecina (Roasted plantains rolled into a ball and served with smoked pork) and juanes (a saffron rice with chicken wrapped in a bijao leaf). It’s all here. It is one of the best cities in Peru for the adventerous eater.

We can get you to the bus terminal from anywhere in Lima! GringoTaxis!

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