Lima Airport Post COVID-19

Lima Airport Post COVID-199

 Information has finally been released on how thing’s will look at The Lima airport Post COVID – 19. This includes both International and Domestic Flight. The Lima Airports Plan is to warn Passengers there will be long delays disembarking. The delays are the direct result of greater control the Ministerio de Salud (MINSA) will be taking to combat the CORONAVIRUS.” And stem from extraordinary measures the government is taking to combat the virus. Click on the link to read the actual Press Release

Looking for details? Keep reading, you’ll find them below.

Man Sitting at theLima Airport
Maintain “Social Distancing”

The wait has been long and arduous for many. Finally we’re nearing a point where once again, people can start to plan their trips to Peru. I can tell you this. What you’re about to read is what will be required and enforced, at least in the short term. 

If you’re also wanting to know how your next Airport Taxi ride in Lima will look, You can check out the new Taxi Regulations

Who Set The Lima Airport Bio-Safety Standards?

The three companies in charge of managing eighteen of Peru’s airport’s are Areopuertos del Peru, Aeropuertos del Andinos del Peru and Lima Airport Partners. Combined these  companies have come up with the following Bio-Safety standards. These new standards will apply to both National and International Flight. The goal is to help guarantee both the passengers, and workers safety while using the Airport’s in and around Peru. 

The three companies have partially coordinated with the MTC (Head of Transportation in Peru). They have also worked with El Consejo Internacional de Aeropuertos Latin America y El Caribe and the Organizacion de Aviacion Civil Internacional. 

Lima Airport Partners has stated that “everything is set and ready to restart their operations”. They have also confirmed they’ll be working on improving service standards and they’ll offer passengers a safe experience on their trip. Furthermore all of the Airport personnel will have Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), there will also be signs placed to alert passengers of the new safety standards.

The Lima Airport Plan Creates Longer And Longer Delays

Gringo Taxis has been doing airport transfers for nearly 5 years now. And with over 10,000 satisfied customers we have a bit of experience on how long things used to take versus now.

Up until the invention of Biometric passports and now Covid-19 you could clear customs and immigration inside of 60 minutes. Add on checking everyone’s temperature before disembarking and photo at Immigration and it’s nearly 3 hours. Which is why it’s so important to have communication when you travel.

Lima Departures

  • Temperature’s will be taken upon admission. Anyone with a fever will be directed to the Peruvian Health Authorities.
  • Mask’s are required
  • Only passengers will be allowed to enter. However if the passenger needs help, they may enter with a companion.
  • The materials for the disinfection of footwear will be provided before entering.
  • If lines begin to form, “Social Distancing” will be respected. Look for signage for guidance.
  • Electronic Check-in is recommended before arriving at the Airport.
  • In the event a passenger needs to Check-in at the Airport they can use the Airline’s Check-in kiosk. Passengers must respect the “Social Distancing throughout the process.
  • Passengers must personally clear their own luggage.

Waiting Areas 

  • Passengers will go to the X-Ray control and forma line, throughout the process they’ll respect “Social Distancing”.
  • Passengers will respect the “Social Distance” in regards to the Airport Security officer.
  • Passengers will enter the Departure Lounge and wait while respecting “Social Distance”
  • When boarding, you’ll form a line and be expected to maintain “Social Distancing”
  • Once you’ve boarded, Passengers will follow the procedures of their Airline.

So What Has Changed?

To be honest I have to ask “what has changed”. Really not that much from what I can see listed above. The big thing will be maintaining the “Social Distance” as we discussed previously. This however can be harder than one thinks in Peru. On average Peruvians stand much closer than any of their foreign counterparts. If there’s an opening many times they’ll just walk up and take that space. If this happens to you, do not be afraid to speak up. Just tell them “la cola esta ahi” and point to the end of the line. 

Wait! That’s not all!

Keep reading for the details on domestic and international flight safety protocols.

Airplane Arrival With Taxi Background

New Domestic In-Flight Standards Have Been Issued 

Today’s news brings with it new regulations on domestic (national) flights. The MTC has finally provided the list of requirements for National flights. They’ve been telling us for weeks that National Flights would start on July 15th but had until very recently failed to provide information on what the airlines would need to do to be able to return to the sky.

Looking for International flight Information? Don’t worry we’ll get to it, just keep reading.

The New List Of Regulations For Domestic Flights

  • Passengers must wear a mask AND face shield at all times, unless there is an emergency circumstance. with the exception of consumption of food or drink (which will not be provided)
  • All food and drinks are suspended, as well as Newspapers, magazines.
  • Restrooms will be restricted. The front Restroom on the plane will be for “Flight Crew Only”. That is unless there is not enough toilets available to prevent people congregating waiting to use them.
  • Airline’s must use the cabin fans to keep the air moving and provide proper ventilation and filtering of the air.
  • along with the standard safety guidelines the airline is required to announce over the PA system, the new standards.

Information On International Flights

The first word says it all “International”. Peru does not set the “standard” for “international flights”. The best they can do is implement a departure or arrival procedure for airlines. Ultimately the airline’s will end up making their own rules guided by IATA or the WHO or some other agency with lots of letters.

Latam Airlines Says

“Your safety is the most important thing. This is why we are following the recommendations of international organizations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the World Health Organization (WHO), governments and more”.

You can read all the details on Latam here

And these are a few of their partner airlines Covid related information pages

Delta       British Airways      Iberia

Here’s what you can Expect from many others as well.

United Airlines, Jetblue, Copa Airlines, Avianca Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Interjet, Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air France, Argentina Airlines and American Airlines

Extra Options

We here at Gringo Taxis have avoided selling items to our clients. That said, given the new MTC requirements as well as the new standards for international flight, we’ll have 2 different Face Masks available as well as a Face Shield for purchase as an “Extra Option”.

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